We are a tax consultancy and management advisory firm based at Printax Centre, Limuru Road via Village Market. Our services are offered both at our offices and/or within the clients’ premises as may be found convenient for our client.

We provide services to non-governmental organizations, private institutions, commercial entities and individuals.

We believe that we will also be of service to you, if you give us an opportunity and therefore look forward to an opportunity to discuss or clarify any issues you may consider relevant to your organization.









  • Our Objective

We aim at developing strategic measures (jointly with our client) to ensure maximization of tax savings and enhance compliance through a deep understanding of our clients’ specific activities and operations.


To be the preferred source of tax advisory services in Kenya and the East African region respected for reliability, accuracy, relevancy and timely services that are useful and cost effective to our clients and other potential users in Kenya and outside Kenya

To provide timely, relevant and useful information and guidance to our clients to help them maximise tax savings and uphold tax compliance per the tax legislations.








  • Our Staff

Our team of professionals includes highly trained and experienced staff known for long service as consultants within leading consultancy and commercial entities.


Our charges are minimal and will take into account the specific requirements of our client. The charges are open to discussion and will be mutually agreeable.


To realize the responsibilities that are bestowed on us by our clients we shall be guided by the core values of integrity, honesty and dedication to the services.


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