We are a Kenyan based company, located in Nairobi, Kenya. Our head office is located at Printax Centre,Limuru Road via Village Market.

Taxtips Kenya is a provider of: -
Value Added tax advisory Services, which include among others

  • Income tax, Vat, Withholding Vat and Withholding tax, customs & excise, Tax compliance Certificate processing, PIN registration, Vat registration and de-registration, submission of monthly and annual tax returns.

  • Motor vehicle registration and advance tax services, business/company registration, and licensing procedures, immigration document processing,

  • PAYE, NHIF and NSSF statutory deductions- registration and management.







We provide a range of tax services for:
- Individuals
- Small and Medium Size Business Enterprises (SMEs)
-Private and Public Companies
- Government Institutions, Private institutions
- Non- Government Organizations (NGOs)

With our experienced team of staff we are able to provide the most rapid and cost-effective solutions for your tax related problems, stimulate new approach to management of tax issues and foster sustainable long term strategies to maximise tax savings and ensure compliance.
We assist newly established entities and entrepreneurs to start at a sound platform and take advantage of all the available tax incentives and allowances

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Our Philosophy
Value Added Tax services for all is what sparked Taxtips  Kenya  inventions.
With our experience in tax management, tax consultancy and tax planning initiatives, we asked ourselves how we could utilise our knowledge to advance our vision for timely, efficient and effective service provision for all.






Taxtips Kenya holistic approach to solving the tax compliance and management problem includes health checks, internal audit and internal assessment reviews and training to determine the essential services needs to properly assist our clients’ operations, securing adequate cash flow planning to see the recommendations though from conception to implementation.

At Taxtips Kenya we believe in creating unique tax saving opportunities through regular and comprehensive reviews and proactive tax planning

Our Clients and Partners

Our clients include manufacturers, agricultural producers and processors, property owners (rent), business entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, lawyers, doctors, employees and all employers in Kenya. In addition we have strategic partners in virtually all sectors of the economy. This allow us to be a leading tax services provider in Kenya

At Taxtips Kenya we work with our clients on a project-by-project basis to help them finalise their requirements and produce exactly the products and services that will best help them meet their own business needs.

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