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Company Secretarial Services
Legal requirements:

Section 178(A) of the Companies Act (Cap. 486) recognizes the importance of the role of the Company/Corporate Secretary, by requiring the Secretary of a public/private company to be qualified in accordance with Section 20 of the Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya (CPS) Act (Cap. 534). Only an exhaustive CPS qualification specifically addresses the requirements of the role of the Corporate Secretary.
The Corporate secretarial profession is best illustrated and the roles sufficiently played by us, GS Evans & Associates, who have the necessary skills, experience and the willingness to address the requirements and challenges of our clients. The Corporate secretarial profession is a multi skilled and disciplinary profession comprising of a thorough knowledge in the following areas of Business Practice, Law, Finance and Regulations:-Management, Company Secretarial and Administrative Practice, Corporate /Company Law, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Statistical Analysis and Information Technology
We provide a host of company secretarial and registrar services including:

  • Undertaking routine compliance work and Advising on company secretarial matters and issues including submission of returns, maintaining shareholders registers and secretarial records as required by the local legislation;
  • Advising and managing company/business registration and de-registration processes;
  • Calling, managing  and Attending board meetings and shareholders’ meetings;
  • Advising on capital restructuring including changes in share capital (equity), debentures etc
  • Promoting and guiding the directors on good corporate governance principles;
  • The enhancement of productivity in organisations through improved management processes, promoting positive work ethics, efficiency in business management and good corporate governance;
  • Provide a source of advice and provide the essential interface between the board of management and its internal and external stakeholders;
  • Making a powerful top-level contribution to your organisation.
  • Providing the necessary range of skills and knowledge to carry out duties and responsibilities in specialized administrative and financial aspects at corporate management.
  • We provide multi-skilled expertise able to guide an organisation through the jungle of legislation, regulations and codes of best practice, but also able to identify problems, understand issues and provide correct and timely solutions to situations that arise in the day to day running of the organisation, thereby keeping the organisation on track and helping it prosper.
  • We seek to understand and accordingly advice the full range of the underpinning operations of an organisation, including, compliance and regulations; corporate finance; shareholders' relationships; corporate governance issues; management practice; corporate taxation; corporate resources and corporate law

Sectors of application
The professional services apply to all sectors namely:- The private sector, public sector, local authorities, the co-operative sector, Non-Government Organisations and a host of other different organizations and institutions.
The CPS titles and definitions
The title of the CPS related position varies according to the type of an organization. The possible titles and definitions include Administration Managers, Human Resource Managers, Provincial Administrators, Personnel Officers, Executive Officers, County and Town Clerks, Secretary/Managers, Hospital Administrators, Project Managers, Charity Trustees, Private Practitioners, Lecturers etc.

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