Income Tax and Instalment taxes- (for taxable clients only)

We develop measures that ensure maximisation of tax savings and compliance including review of previous tax payments for recoveries, pending tax demand notices and mitigating against assessments. We will also consider legal tax arrangements that favour business cash flow. Preparation of tax computations and completion of the tax returns for company and the employees.

This service is available for both companies and individuals.


This includes; Payroll management, processing of Pin certificates for institutions and staff, Preparation and payment of PAYE tax, Submission of annual PAYE returns and calculation of the tax liability on lumpsum payments.  We shall propose tax effective employment benefits including arrangements to minimize tax burden for employees, top management and the organisation.







Tax Contingency Audits

Carrying out independent tax reviews to cover Vat, Income Tax, PAYE, Withholding tax etc to establish the potential tax exposure and advice on corrective measures. We also advice, guide and/or represent our clients on mitigations against excessive tax assessment by KRA.

Tax planning services

Providing proactive and regular advisory services to management for decision-making purposes. Participating in clients’ management and board meetings, on invitation, where major corporate policy decisions are made to ensure that possible tax implications are well considered.

Withholding Vat and Tax.

Establishing proper systems to account for withholding Vat and withholding tax paid or suffered, Organizing timely tax payments and submission of required tax returns.

NSSF and NHIF management

Undertaking the registration, management of the regular deductions and their submission to the relevant authorities. We process claims and keep updated records to facilitate employees’ claims.




Training services

On invitation, we will provide specific tax training for staff handling finance and human resource issues to ensure they are adequately conversant with the current tax legislation to avoid omissions in their day-to-day tasks.

Tax being a very dynamic discipline, the training will cover all the current issues considered relevant and unique to your organisation.

VAT- (for eligible clients only)

Client registration and deregistration, Preparation, submission and following up of returns and tax refund claims, Analysis of KRA assessments, Maintenance of records, processing of tax compliance and exemption certificates, processing of income tax and Vat exemptions


We also provide general business advisory and support services including work permits and other diplomatic protocols statutory audit services, finance and human resource management services.


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